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Press Release: CFD Fire/EMS Shared Service Agreement - Town of Cedarburg

June 30, 2023

Press Release: CFD Fire/EMS Shared Service Agreement

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The Town and City approved a 10-year Fire & EMS shared services agreement taking effect January 1, 2024, and going through 2033. One focus of the agreement was the development of a staffing plan that would expand the Cedarburg Fire Department by adding full-time positions between 2023 – 2028, in addition to moving from all volunteers to a Paid-On-Call (POC) model in 2024. The proposed staffing level is accompanied by the transition from an Advanced EMT (AEMT) level agency to a paramedic level EMS agency. This increase in the level of service can be measured by the availability of more medications, additional skills and greater knowledge. This transition will allow the Cedarburg Fire Department to better treat a variety of injuries and illnesses, resulting in improved outcomes of those requiring EMS services, all with reduced response times due to personnel ready to respond 24/7.

The approved 10-year shared services agreement between the City and Town sets in motion steps required by law to hold an April 2024 referendum needed to fund the expanded Cedarburg Fire Department.

Details on the referendum process will be made available into the fall of 2023.