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Cedarburg Fire & Rescue

The Town and City of Cedarburg jointly fund a fire department to provide fire and emergency medical services to the entire Cedarburg community. The City operates the main Fire Station No. 1 located at W61N631 N Mequon Avenue. The Town maintains Fire Station No. 2 located at 1350 Covered Bridge Road. The City maintains the fire hydrant system in the City, and the Town maintains two dry hydrants (connected to a pond) and ten 30,000 gallon cisterns which provide water for fire fighting. You can view the Town map showing the locations of the cisterns here.

The Cedarburg Fire Department web page is

10-Year Shared Services Agreement

View the 6/30/2023 Press Release

The Town and City approved a 10-year Fire & EMS shared services agreement taking effect January 1, 2024, and going through 2033. One focus of the agreement was the development of a staffing plan that would expand the Cedarburg Fire Department by adding full-time positions between 2023 – 2028, in addition to moving from all volunteers to a Paid-On-Call (POC) model in 2024. The proposed staffing level is accompanied by the transition from an Advanced EMT (AEMT) level agency to a paramedic level EMS agency. This increase in the level of service can be measured by the availability of more medications, additional skills and greater knowledge. This transition will allow the Cedarburg Fire Department to better treat a variety of injuries and illnesses, resulting in improved outcomes of those requiring EMS services, all with reduced response times due to personnel ready to respond 24/7.

The approved 10-year shared services agreement between the City and Town sets in motion steps required by law to hold an April 2024 referendum needed to fund the expanded Cedarburg Fire Department.

What’s Next?

The next step is the formation of a new Fire & EMS Committee with City and Town representation that will select a consultant to advise on the referendum process.

Details on the referendum process will be made available into the fall of 2023.

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Ozaukee County Fire & EMS Service Sharing Feasibility Analysis

Ozaukee County Communities Complete Phase I Feasibility Analysis of Fire & EMS Service Sharing Opportunities

Zoom Video Presentation by Wisconsin Policy Forum

Ozaukee County Fire & EMS Study Brief

Ozaukee County Fire & EMS Study - Entire Document

Following an eight-month study of potential service-sharing opportunities across nine (9) Paid-On-Call (POC) municipal fire departments throughout Ozaukee County, the Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF) today released a report outlining the results of its independent analysis. The report, entitled First Response: Addressing Fire & Emergency Medical Service Challenges in Ozaukee County, represents a Phase I Feasibility Analysis on behalf of the ten separate jurisdictions that initiated the review. These participating communities included the Cities of Cedarburg, Mequon and Port Washington, the Towns of Belgium and Cedarburg, the Villages of Fredonia, Grafton, Saukville and Thiensville and unincorporated area of Waubeka.

Within this Phase I analysis, the Wisconsin Policy Forum does not recommend a specific consolidation approach and implementation plan. Rather, the report develops a range of potential options and provides sufficient fiscal and programmatic analysis to allow policy-makers the ability to determine if any of the identified options should be considered for more detailed analysis, refinement and potential implementation.

After reviewing and analyzing operating budgets, capital budgets, service call histories and personnel related data of the participating departments, the Forum found that:

  • Calls for services across all nine departments have risen nearly 24% between 2015-2019.
  • EMS response times do not meet statewide and national averages and/or standards. Between turnout and travel time, average response times range from 7 - 14.5 minutes.
  • Departments are having difficulty recruiting and retaining part-time or volunteer staff. Even the better-staffed Ozaukee County departments do not have sufficient resources to manage a structure fire, and any major incident generally requires a call for mutual aid.

To address these issues, the WPF identified three tiers of increasingly comprehensive options:

Tier 1: Departments increase collaboration while maintaining independence. This could mean strategically stationing and jointly paying for full-time paramedic interceptors across the county, or an effort to boost the number of full-time shifts at strategic station locations when call volumes are high or staffing levels are low.

Tier 2: Partially consolidate the departments while moving toward a full-time staffing model. A hypothetical example is provided that illustrates a merger between Grafton and Saukville. Another scenario shows the existing departments merging into two departments: one in the northern part of the county and another in the southern portion.

Tier 3: Modeling of a single, consolidated fire department to serve all of Ozaukee County. One scenario approximates the staffing model used by the North Shore Fire Department (high-cost), while a second scenario shows a lower-priced approach that may more appropriately reflect Ozaukee County’s call volumes and density.

In asking the Forum to analyze these options, Ozaukee County leaders are not alone. Even before the pandemic, efforts to explore enhanced service sharing and cooperation among regional fire and EMS providers have become more common throughout Wisconsin and across the nation.

The report, which is available at, provides hypothetical options as a starting point for discussion amongst the participating entities, and over the next month, WPF staff will present their findings to each community’s respective governing body. From there, each municipality will determine if any of the options should be further discussed or analyzed. The WPF will be presenting to a joint Town and City of Cedarburg meeting on April 7th at Cedarburg Town Hall at 6pm.

Town Constable

The Town also utilizes one appointed Town Constable, Ryan Fitting, (below) to address Town Code compliance issues (i.e. public nuisances, illegal burning, dog-at-large) for residents. If you have any questions about the Town Constable or if you would like to report a code compliance concern, please contact Town Hall at (262) 377-4509. All other law enforcement is handled by the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department, which can be reached at (262) 377-7172 for non-emergencies or 911 for emergencies.

Ryan Fitting