Parks & Recreation

Town Recreation Department: Current Programs

The Town recreation department currently offers Cedarburg Little League, Cedarburg Flag Football League, Track & Field and Soccer. All recreation programming is self-supporting, resulting in no tax implications to residents. Click on the logos below for activity webpages!

Town Parks

The Town of Cedarburg has six public parks and two outdoor recreation facilities. Click on the following park or recreation facility name links (if applicable) to view aerial photos and information about each park: Korb Sports Complex, Pleasant Valley Park & Trails, Creekside Park, Hamilton Park, Cedar Creek Farms Canoe Launch, Krohn Park, and the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Fields. The Town is also home to the Covered Bridge Park, which is owned and operated by Ozaukee County.

The Town updated its Comprehensive Park Plan in 2018, ensuring the Town is eligible for grant funding for projects.

Mountain Bike Trails: Pleasant Valley Park & Trails

The Ozaukee County Mountain Bikers and Town of Cedarburg celebrated the Grand Opening of the new mountain bike trails at Pleasant Valley Park & Trails on September 21, 2013. Additional work continues on the construction of the new trail network. Trail users could include mountain bikers, hikers, snow bikes, snow shoers and trail runners. The development includes signage indicating use and direction of trails.

  • Click here to watch a first-person vantage point of riding the trail.
  • Click here to view the most current trail map.
  • Click here to view the winter trail map.
  • Click here to view the summer trail map.
  • Click here to view the proposal and final map approved by the Town Board.
  • If you are interested in following the group, click here to view their website.
  • Also, click here to view an aerial photo and information on Pleasant Valley Park & Trails.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts will be happy to hear that there are groomed trails at Pleasant Valley Park & Trails as long as we have snow. In winter months, the skiing trails follow the paths of the hiking trails in warmer months. Click here to see a photo of the trails. For a map of the park, park address, and trail information, click here.

Canoeing and Cedar Creek

The Town of Cedarburg is fortunate to have beautiful Cedar Creek traversing its limits. In order to make enjoyment of this amenity more accessible, the Town has installed landings at several locations including Creekside Park (located on Cedar Creek Road about 1/4 mile west of Horns Corners Road), Cedar Creek Farms Canoe Launch (located off of Robin Court), and Krohn Park (located at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Covered Bridge Road). Canoeing can be most fun in spring, but also dangerous. Experienced paddlers avoid streams that are flowing over their banks (flood stage). Online resources providing information letting paddlers know if the Creek is safe, or too low for paddling include Treasures of Oz.

The greatest danger to paddling in fast-moving water is downed trees, because if caught by one, the current can be push a person underwater and drown you even when wearing a life jacket. When a tree completely blocks a stream, a paddler is forced to either go over the tree or carry their boat on shore, which can prove dangerous. The owners of property along streams are responsible for the removal of their downed trees. If you own stream property and are not able to remove a downed tree in your portion of the stream, contact Town Hall for assitance (377-4509).

When the water and air temperatures added together equal less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia is a serious concern. If a paddler becomes wet in these conditions, they should change into dry clothes as soon as possible. Paddlers can bring a change of clothing and a towel in a "dry bag" which will keep its contents dry even if submerged. You can buy one at sports equipment stores or online. Well-seasoned paddlers wear their life jacket when paddling. Persons age 16 and younger are required by law to wear a life jacket. Those over age 16 must have one in the boat.