Discharge of Firearms/Hunting

Hunting/Discharge of Firearms in the Town of Cedarburg

The discharge of firearms is not allowed within the limits of any subdivision within the Town of Cedarburg, or within 150 yards of any residence dwelling. Property that falls outside of those parameters allows for the discharge of firearms (including lawful hunting). Individuals discharging firearms must have the permission of the property owner if it is private property. This is accomplished through a signed Firearms Discharge Permit to be kept on their person when hunting (on private property).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to discharge a firearm in the Town of Cedarburg?

You must have the property owner sign the Discharge of Firearms permit. Make sure to carry the signed permit with you; nothing needs to be filed at Town Hall. A firearm is defined as: all weapons used for the purpose of propelling bullets, shot or other missiles, whether from cartridge, shell or other container, by explosives or compressed air, and shall include, without limitation because of specific enumeration, all forms of shotguns, rifles, revolvers and other similar types of equipment whereby such bullets, shot or missiles are propelled through the air by reason of discharge therefrom by explosives, caps or compressed air. No bullet (or shot or missile) can enter or pass over a neighboring property or public highway or grounds.

In terms of spring or air guns: the same rule applies in terms of not using them within the limits of any subdivision within the Town of Cedarburg, or within 150 yards of any residence dwelling.

Is there any cost associated with this permit?

The Town does not collect a fee for this permit, nor does the Town keep a copy of the permit.

Is firearm discharge allowed in Town parks?

No, it is prohibited in all Town parks and recreational areas. Any firearm or airgun as defined in the Wisconsin Statutes cannot be transported through a Town park unless it is unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case. Only law enforcement officials may possession/control a firearm in a Town park.

How far away from houses and subdivisions do I have to be when discharging a firearm?

No firearm can be discharged within the limits of a subdivision in the Town or within 150 yards of any residence dwelling (this also applies to spring/air guns). Also, when within those distances, any firearm must be unloaded and knocked-down or enclosed in a carrying case or other suitable container.

What are the regulations associated with firearm discharge along Cedar Creek?

Most property along the banks of Cedar Creek is private property. However, a person may walk and discharge a firearm from within the water of a navigable waterway, following the WDNR’s “keep your feet wet” rule. A navigable waterway is generally defined as a public waterway that is possible to float a canoe or small watercraft at some time during the year. If game is shot while standing within the stream and lands on the bank of the stream, permission is required from the property owner to retrieve it.

What are legal ways to access Cedar Creek for hunting?

Hunters may access Cedar Creek from Town, County, or State rights-of-way (ROW), such as over bridge decks. Hunters must be cognizant to avoid trespassing on private property when entering the creek. ROW are typically measured as 33 feet from the center line of a road, but may vary in width so you should confirm that before using the ROW. Hunters must also be aware of local parking regulations to ensure that their vehicles are legally parked on any Town, County, or State roads.

I believe there is an illegal hunt ongoing, what should I do?

Emergency situations: such as hunting related accidents or violent crime contact 911 for the Ozaukee County Sheriff. Their non-emergency number is 262-284-7172.

For State hunting law violations such as hunting game out of season, hunting outside of legal hunting hours, impeding a hunt, or other violations contact the Ozaukee County WDNR Warden Tony Young at (262) 993-0078, or by email at Anthony.Young@wisconsin.gov.

For Town ordinance violations such as trespassing, contact Town Hall at 262-377-4509 and ask staff to create a Service Request with the Constable to begin an investigation.

What should I expect in terms of a response time/investigation?

Emergency situations will receive an immediate response through 911 dispatch.

If the concern is not an emergency, a call to WDNR or Service Request placed with the Town Constable will result in a follow-up investigation.

WDNR Warden Young stressed to NOT approach a hunter even if you suspect them of hunting illegally. Rather, please try to provide an identifiable description such as license plate number or video taken when calling in to the WDNR, Town, or County Sheriff for the follow-up.

It is not recommended to approach a hunter as that could result in a State issued citation for impeding a hunt.

DNR Contact: Ozaukee County

Anthony Young

Ozaukee County DNR Warden

Phone: (262) 993-0078