Snow & Ice Removal

Snow and Ice Control & Winter Parking Restrictions

Parking is Prohibited on any street, road, highway, public way, or public parking lot in the Town between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 15 - March 31.

The Town of Cedarburg has been providing snow and ice control services to our residents, in some form, for more than sixty years. The Town maintains only Town owned roads and not county or state roadways. The Town currently has five large plow trucks with salters and two smaller trucks to help clear town roads of snow and ice during the winter months. All Town trucks are orange. Snow accumulations in depths of two (2) inches or more will be plowed from the roadways. Snow accumulations of less than two (2) inches may be plowed if conditions warrant. When snow has fallen overnight, the routes will begin approximately 3:00 a.m. to be completed by or before 7:30 a.m. Salting of main roads and intersections will be done in conjunction with plowing when temperatures are at or >5°F. For a summary of Town snow/ice removal policy, click here. There are a number of things that our residents can or must do to help our crews complete there work as quickly as possible.

  • Please do not park on the street during or immediately after a snowfall. The Town of Cedarburg code of ordinances prohibits parking on any town road between 1:00am and 7:00am, between December 1st and April 15th. If the Town declares a snow emergency, parking on a town road is prohibited until the emergency expires.
  • The Town code also prohibits the pushing, throwing, blowing, or placement of snow from private property onto any Town roadway, or public area. The roadway is considered the paved portion and the shoulders of the road. Snow may be deposited beyond the shoulders on either side of the road.
  • Please stay a safe distance behind the plow trucks. The drivers may make sudden stops or swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle, such as a mailbox, or garbage can, and following to closely could result in an accident.
  • Please place refuse containers out for collection as close to 7:00am of the collection day as possible, and keep the containers back, 5 to 10 feet, from the edge of the road if it is snowing or snow is predicted. This will minimize damage, or possible burial of the container during plowing operations.

If your mailbox is damaged by the plow or by snow thrown by the plow, please notify Town Hall, at (262) 377-4509, as soon as possible. The current policy is for the Town to reimburse the owner of a damaged mailbox up to $100 for repair with a receipt. The repair and replacement of the mailbox is the responsibility of the owner. This policy covers mailboxes for properties fronting on a Town road. For properties located on a County Road or a State Highway, notification should be made to the Ozaukee County Highway Department at (262) 284-8331.

The Town of Cedarburg uses an average of 800 tons of salt per year, combating snow and ice. Almost all of the salt used is coated with an additive that enhances the melting capabilities of the salt. Before 2010, the Town added a man-made liquid chemical called calcium chloride to the salt, which helped lower the melting point of the snow and ice to about 15ºF. Beginning in 2009, we replaced the calcium chloride with an organic liquid additive made from sugar beets called GeoMelt®. This product lowers the melting point of snow and ice to about 0º. It also requires about 25% less salt which may allow the Town to save as much as 12% on salting costs. The GeoMelt® is also friendlier to the environment.