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Revaluation Letters Mailed 4-18-23 - Town of Cedarburg

April 18, 2023

Revaluation Letters Mailed 4-18-23

Assessment Revaluation Letters Mailed 4-18-23

As highlighted in the winter newsletter mailed to all property owners, the Town’s assessor has mailed revaluation letters to property owners that reflect new property assessments that will be shown on tax bills this December.

While many homeowners believe that a higher assessment means that their tax bill mailed in December of every year will be increasing, this is not necessarily true. The Town’s allowable tax levy (the amount of total tax the Town brings in) is not impacted by a Town-wide revaluation. Revaluation is meant to fairly distribute the tax burden among property owners. For more information on revaluation, assessments, and its impact on tax bills, please click here to view the Ozaukee County Treasurer website.

Upon receiving new assessment notices, Town of Cedarburg property owners will have an opportunity to discuss their new assessed valuation with the Assessor’s Office staff, if there is belief that the Assessor’s Office made an error or did not have sufficient information upon which to calculate the new valuation. In Wisconsin, this is called “Open Book”. This year, Open Book meetings are scheduled for May 10th between 9am-4pm, and will be conducted mostly by email or telephone with limited in-person appointments. If residents are still not satisfied after completing the Open Book process, they have an opportunity to appeal an assessment to the Town’s Board of Review. The Board of Review meeting will be held at the Town Hall on June 16th at 6pm (A first Board of Review meeting to adjourn will be held on May 3, 2023 at 6:45 pm no appeals will be held at this meeting).

To view the Town’s assessor page for more detailed information, please click here.

Detailed Questions can be directed to:

Ray Koscak, 262-253-1142,