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Press Release: Open House for the Zoning Code Update April 29th - Town of Cedarburg

April 23, 2024

Press Release: Open House for the Zoning Code Update April 29th

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Overview Presentation given at 6:00pm

The Plan Commission has set an Open House for viewing of the progress on the Zoning Code update for April 29th from 6:00pm-7:30pm. This Open House follows two workshop visioning sessions held in late 2023 by the Town Board, and reviews by the Plan Commission at their February and March meetings.  

The Open House will feature the existing Zoning Map, draft proposed Zoning Map, along with a detailed list of land uses broken down by zoning district proposed to be allowed as principal uses and conditional uses. Staff from SEH (Short Elliott Hendrickson) will be on hand to present a summary of the work-to-date, take questions and comments, and provide comment cards to the public. The Town also published a notice in the News Graphic and mailed a notice letter to affected property owners.  

The Zoning Code updates are likely to be adopted through several separate ordinances over several months (not all at once with one ordinance). Information related to ongoing planning updates, including the Comprehensive Plan, can be found on the Town website. A quorum of Town Board, Plan Commission, or other Town Committees/Commissions may be present at the Open House for the purpose of gathering information and possible participation in the event. However, no official action by the Town Board will be taken at this meeting. For questions, please contact Cedarburg Town Hall at 262-377-4509.