Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update: In-Progress

In June of 2022, the Town Board contracted with the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to update to the Comprehensive Plan. Work on the plan continues, with an anticipated completion in summer of 2024. The draft chapters will be posted to the Town website below, with SEWRPC staff presenting draft chapters to the Plan Commission at meetings as schedule allows. The Public Participation plan has been approved by the Town Board. Work on the remaining chapters (Land Use and Implementation) are being paused at this time at the request of SEWRPC staff; the reason being the Zoning Code update envisions changes to zoning districts, which is information SEWRPC needs certainty on before moving ahead with the remaining chapters.

Draft Chapters / Elements

Public Participation Plan & Resolution

Preface - Preliminary Draft 4-19-23

Introduction - Preliminary Draft 4-19-23

Issues & Opportunities - Preliminary Draft 4-19-23

Housing - Preliminary Draft 6-21-23

Economic Development - Preliminary Draft 6-21-23

Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources - Preliminary Draft 8-24-23

Transportation - Preliminary Draft 8-24-23

Utilities & Community Facilities - Preliminary Draft 12-13-23

Intergovernmental Cooperation - Preliminary Draft 12-13-23

Zoning Code Update: In-Progress

Press Release: Zoning Code Open House April 29th 6-7:30pm

The Town Board approved a separate scope of services with SEH (Short Elliot Hendrickson) in the summer of 2023 to update the Zoning Code. The update will contemplate a refreshed vision of the 5 Corners Town Center, and reflect the 20-year boundary agreement reached with the City of Cedarburg in 2021 to guide growth a responsible manner. The Zoning Code is the backbone of Town land use and daily implementation. The project does not have an anticipated end date, with work ongoing. The Zoning Code and Comprehensive Plan are to be consistent with one another, so completing both projects concurrently has many benefits.

Update 3-20-24: The Plan Commission has set an Open House for viewing of the progress on the Zoning Code update for April 29th at 6pm. This follows two workshop visioning sessions held in late 2023 by the Town Board, and reviews by the Plan Commission at their February and March meetings. The Open House will feature the existing Zoning Map, draft proposed Zoning Map, along with a detailed list of land uses broken down by zoning district that would be proposed to be allowed as principal uses and conditional uses. Staff from SEH will be on hand to present a summary of the work to date, which primarily addresses the Town Center and business districts, take questions and comments, and provide comment cards. The Town will also be mailing out notices to property owners affected by the Zoning Code update, as well as a notice in the News Graphic. The Zoning Code chapter is likely to be adopted through several separate ordinances over the course of 2024 (not all at once with one ordinance). A quorum of Town Board, Plan Commission, or other Town Committee/Commission may be present at the Open House for the purpose of gathering information and possible participation in the event. However, no official action will be taken at this meeting.

Current Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on April 2nd, 2008 through Ordinance 2008-07. The Comprehensive Plan will act as the main planning document for the Town to 2035. The plan is available in hard copy at the Cedarburg Public Library and Town Hall. The entire plan is also available in electronic format below. The City of Cedarburg adopted their Comprehensive Plan: 2025 on February 25th, 2008. To view the City plan, click here.

Adopted Plan Amendments

In 2009, the Town Board adopted Ordinance 2009-15 amending the Comprehensive Plan. The amendment addresses language regarding open space in new residential developments and associated text.

Originally, the Comprehensive Plan required all new residential subdivisions to provide 50% open space. The amendment removes this requirement, but still encourages open space in new residential subdivisions. The amendment also updated the Plan to reflect the updated title of the Town Comprehensive Park Plan. The Board again updated the Plan on May 2, 2012 through Ordinance 2012-7. This update made certain Town lands eligible for inclusion in the updated Ozaukee County Farmland Preservation Plan, and made other edits making the Town Comprehensive Plan consistent with Town Ordinances Approved since April 2, 2008.

Town Comprehensive Plan 2035 - Amended May 2, 2012